Hajj Requirements

You can also find additional information in the Guide to Hajj (in 8 languages)


We also wish to indicate that Hajj visas are granted gratis to all Muslim pilgrims and is NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT.


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Each applicant for a Hajj visa must apply through a qualified America travel agency , which has to present the consulate with copies of “Accommodation Contacts” and a letter of the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia confirming that the travel agency has duly completed all requirements to qualify to assist pilgrims. Applications for Hajj will be not be considered if the following requirements are not complete:


  1. Passport— Passport or legal travel documents valid for at least six month and acceptable both for entry to Saudi Arabia and entry to next destination. Passport of legal travel documents must have a minimum of two blank pages.
  2. Photos— Two (2) recent passport photographs with white background
    size 4 cm x 6 cm. Face of applicant must cover at least 70 - 80% of the space.
  3. Visa Application Form ( Acrobat file, 186K ) — A completely filled application form for Hajj visas singed and stamped by the travel agency. Original or legible photocopies of the Visa Application Forms are acceptable.
  4. Airline ticket Each applicant must be in possession of a non-refundable roundtrip ticket with confirmed reservations.
  5. Meningitis vaccination certificate— Each applicant must submit proof of vaccination against meningitis and ACYW 135. All pilgrims must carry these certificates to Saudi Arabia for inspection by the Saudi Arabian Passport Authority. Children from the age of two (2) and above must take a dose of the A/C vaccine and those between the ages three (3) months and two (2) years must take two doses of the A vaccine, which requires an interval of three months between each dose.
  6. Mahram— All ladies are required to travel for Hajj with a Mahram. Proof of relationship of the Mahram must be submitted. Ladies over the age of forty five (45) can travel without a Mahram with an organized group. She must, however, submit a no objection letter from her husband, son or brother, authorizing her travel for Hajj with the named group. Such letter should be notarized by a notary public. The Mahram should write his complete information on the applications of wife and children, or any other relative whom he's traveling with. Marriage and birth certificates issued outside of the US should be translated and notarized from a certified translation office.
  7. Bank Drafts— There is no fee for the Hajj Visa . However, each pilgrim should submit two checks payable to “Unified Agents Office” in Jeddah for pilgrimage services. Checks should include the name of the pilgrim and his/her passport number. Each visa applicant must pay the following fees:
    1. U.S. $158.40 for services rendered by the local tawaf agencies and for housing at the Hholy sites.
    2. U.S. $116 for air-conditioned transportation services or U.S. $92 for non-air-conditioned transportation services. Children between the ages of seven 7 and fifteen 15 years old pay only half of the above amount. Children under the age of seven 7 enter gratis.
  8. Non-U.S. Citizens Non-U.S. citizens must submit a copy of their Green Card or other form of proof that the applicant is a legal resident of the United States . Saudi Arabian Passport Authority will return any pilgrim granted a Hajj visa from the U.S. who is not a legal resident of the United States .
  9. Males under the legal age will not be granted a Hajj visa if not accompanied by their family.
  10. No food products are allowed to be imported in the Kingdom by pilgrims.




  • Last Day to enter King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah for the purpose of Hajj is 4 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1424H ( January 26, 2004 ).
  • Last day to travel from Jeddah to Madinah by car is 26 Dhu Al-Quada, 1424H ( January 18, 2003 ), by plane is 2 Dhu Al-Hijjah, 1424H ( January 24, 2004 ).
  • Last Day to travel from Madinah to Makkah by car before Hajj is 5 Dhu Al-Hijjah, 1424H ( January 27, 2004 ), and to travel from Madinah to Jeddah is 6 Dhu Al-Hijjah, 1424H ( January 28, 2004 ).
  • Pilgrims are advised to carry with them to Saudi Arabia ten (10) small size (1 inch x 1 inch) photos for use with ID cards to be issued to them in Saudi Arabia .
  • Pilgrims must carry with them sufficient amount of money to cover their expenses. This amount can be in the form of travelers' checks or international bank drafts.
  • Upon arrival, pilgrims shall hand their passports to the custody of the “Unified Agents Office” representatives to enable the latter to complete all formalities of travel to Makkah and Madinah.
  • In case a pilgrim should lose his passport, he should immediately report the loss to the office appointed upon his arrival to take care of him during the Hajj. Me must obtain a certificate from the office of the Unified Agents, in which the loss of the passport is mentioned.
  • All pilgrims must leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after Hajj no later than 10 Muharram, 1425H ( March 1, 2004 ). The rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia forbid any pilgrim from staying in the country after the completion of Hajj.
  • Saudi Authorities will be notified about travel agencies that don't follow the rules and regulations of Hajj visa requirements and insists on presenting incomplete application packages.



Reminder: The laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires that all pilgrims entering the Kingdom for Hajj comply with and respect the laws, moral values and customs of Saudi Arabia. It is forbidden to smuggle any prohibited items such as alcohol, drugs, narcotics, pornographic material, audio or videotapes, or films. Any type of illegal drugs and narcotics for personal use or distribution is punishable by death. Sectarian, political or religious gatherings are forbidden.


The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC takes this opportunity to wish all pilgrims:


Visa Procedure for Umrah Rerformers
To obtain an Umrah visa, an application must be submitted to the Embassy or one of the Saudi Consulates in Los Angeles, New York or Houston, by any company or agency licensed to provide travel and tourism services in the United States. Such company or agency must have already entered into contract with a Saudi company or establishment to provide Umrah services in Saudi Arabia.

An Umrah visa application thus submitted must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The applicant should be either a permanent resident of the United States (i.e. have an American citizenship or Green Card,) or have any other type of visa proving his/her legal residency in the United States. Individuals with visitor visas or who are on special missions in the United States are not entitled to Umrah visas from the Saudi Embassy or one of its Consulates in the United States.
  2. An applicant must submit an Umrah visa application form accompanied by a recent standard color passport size photograph.
  3. The applicant's passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months.
  4. The applicant should satisfy the health requirements including submitting a certificate of vaccination against meingococcal meningitis [serogroups A, C, Y, and W 135] which must have been obtained within the last three years but not sooner than 10 days prior to his/her arrival in Saudi Arabia. For children age three months to 12 years, parents should consult their primary care doctors.
  5. A roundtrip ticket to and from Saudi Arabia with confirmed reservation must also accompany the application.
  6. A married couple applying for Umrah visas but who have different last names or whose children bear last names different from that of their father, should attach copies of their marriage certificates and/or copies of the birth certificates of their children.
  7. Umrah visas are granted gratis to all Muslims. However, a cashier check issued by a bank recognized by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and covering the agreed-upon cost of accommodation, transportation and other services must be submitted for each Umrah Performer. Make the check payable to the contracted Saudi company. When traveling in a group, one check covering the cost of the services for all members of the group may be accepted. In addition, the American company may assume the responsibility of issuing a group check. In all cases, the American company shall be responsible for submitting the passports and showing proof of transferring the amount due to the contracted Saudi company. The name of the contracted Saudi company will be written on the visa page in the applicant's passport for the purpose of guaranteeing that Umrah Performers will receive the best possible services and care.
  8. For those who recently embraced Islam and have not previously performed Umrah or Hajj, a Certificate of Conversion' to Islam is required.

Travel, Tourism Service Companies & Agencies in the United States
To obtain an Umrah visa, an application must be submitted to the Embassy or one of the Saudi Consulates in Los Angels, New York, or Houston, by any company or agency licensed to provide travel and tourism services in the United States. Such company or agency must have already entered into a contract with a Saudi company or establishment licensed to provide Umrah services in Saudi Arabia. such contrct shall authorize the American company to act as a representative of the SAudi company in entering into a contract with the Umrah Performer for the purpose of providing them with all Umrah services until their return to the United States. Attached hereto is a list of names and telephone numbers of such licensed Saudi companies and establishments. Please note that the contracted Saudi company is not permitted to enter into a contract with for rendering Umrah services if the American company is obligated to provide such Umrah services under a separate contract with another Saudi company.

The parties to the Umrah service contract may draw up the terms and conditions of their contact as they see fit provided that they comply with the following:

  1. Adherence to the enforced laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Commitment by the American company to the principles and requirements of integrity and efficiency in providing the Umrah services.
  3. All disputes between the contracting American and Saudi companies arising from disagreements over interpretation or performance of the contract and which cannot be settled amicably, shall be referred to the concerned authority in the Kingdom or to the court of arbitration as mandated by the Saudi law of arbitration and its executive bylaws.
  4. The interpretation and performance of the contract shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in drafting their own contract, the contracting parties may be guided by the standard contract as prepared by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj.
  5. The contract shall be prepared in both Arabic and English languages and should a discrepancy arise between the two versions, the Arabic version shall prevail.
  6. For the contract between the two parities to be enforceable, it has to be certified and registered by the Ministry of Hajj.
  7. The service contract between the American and Saudi companies licensed to provide services to Umrah Performers shall be made of three originals all of which must be legalized by the concerned authorities in the United States and by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia or one of its consulates as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The legalized originals must then be submitted to the Ministry of Hajj for review, registration and certification. One certified original shall be deposited with the Ministry of Hajj.
  8. In case the two parties to the service contract agree to the insertion of any amendment to the contract, the original copy, which was certified and registered by and deposited with the Ministry of Hajj must be amended accordingly.